Casino Slots Bonus Hunting

RTP 96,4%. High volatility. Good top available win x72188!
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter, Multiplier, Buy bonus
RTP 96,40%. Medium-high volatility. Small maximum win (x2049)
RTP 96,40%. Medium volatility. Not small top win (x5000)
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. You can get quite big win (x10000)
RTP 96,40%. Medium-low volatility. You can't win Free spins
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Really good graphics
RTP 96,40%. Medium-high volatility. No Free games
RTP 96,40%. Medium-low volatility. Mobile/tablet compatible
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Incredible top available win (x14827)
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Bonus game, Free spins, Wild


It is very important to choose correct game if you are going to clean the bonus. Long time ago it was possible to complete online casino bonus wagering requirements playing table games like blackjack but that time have passed. That were brilliant times for bonus hunting. Now from casino to casino they do not allow playing table games while bonus wagering or count just 5-10% of wagering. So our times we must choose mostly from slots.

Slots are very different and bonus hunters use not all of them. Generally, there are two main types of slots if we talk about mathematics. They are low-dispersion and high-dispersion slots. Another words they are high-volatility and low-volatility slots. If you are playing high-dispersion slot you get big winnings but rarely. You can lose, lose and lose for long time with no winnings and then you get a huge win. Obviously, such kind of slots are bad for wagering bonuses because you need very long distance of play. Another type is low-dispersion slots where you get small winnings very often, almost each few spins. That is what we need for bonus wagering.

Pay attention to the RTP. Return To Player is key-factor for successful wagering bonuses. You may loose or win each spin but theoretically if RTP is, for example, 98%, you loose only 2 cents from 1 dollar spin. That is not easy to understand and you may find some articles about it at our website. Higher RTP gives you more chances to get bigger profit from casino bonus hunting.

Here at this page we will try to show you the best slots for bonus hunting. Good luck!

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