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RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter, Multiplier, Buy bonus
RTP 96,40%. Medium volatility. Not small top win (x5000)
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Not beginners friendly gaming process
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. You can get a super big win (x50000)!
RTP 96,41%. High volatility. Available on iOS/Android devices
RTP 96,45%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter, Buy bonus
RTP 96,45%. High volatility. No Free Spins Multiplier
RTP 96,45%. High volatility. Really good graphics
RTP 96,46%. High volatility. Winning hit rate is 19.92%
RTP 96,46%. High volatility. Bonus game, Free spins, Wild, Scatter
RTP 96,47%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter, Multiplier, Buy bonus
RTP 96,47%. Medium-high volatility. Huge possible winning

There is a good reason why the buy bonus game feature is becoming more and more popular among online casino players. You simply pay a certain amount (usually 50-100 times your bet) and the bonus game is triggered instantly.

In this context, I mean both the bonus game as a separate round of the slot game, as well as the free spins round. That is, when you see an online slot offering a bonus game, you might get either, not just the traditional bonus game.

Additionally, there is no standard naming convention among software providers when it comes to buying bonus games. Thus, it can be called anything from “Feature drop” (Big time gaming), “High roller bets” (Isoftbet) to “Big bet” (SG games). However, most software providers call it something straightforward: “Buy bonus”, “Buy feature” or “Buy free spins”.

What is the Buy bonus game feature?

The probability of triggering a Bonus game on an online slot with bonus features (Free spins and Bonus games) is usually around 1-2% per spin.

When you buy a Bonus game, you overcome the waiting part, which is the entire point of buying a Bonus game, since in reality it takes 1-2% to trigger a Bonus game. In reality, you can trigger a Bonus game within the first 10 spins or even 300 spins may not be enough.

With the Buy Bonus game, you don’t have to rely on luck anymore. Just pay the theoretical price of the Bonus game and get it instantly.

Bonus game and return on investment

It is not uncommon to have a bit higher RTP if a player has chosen to buy a bonus game. It usually only varies from 0.1-0.2% higher than RTP in regular mode, so it does not make much difference. However, higher RTP is always better, no doubt about it, but it shouldn’t be chased at any cost, since it isn’t that much higher.

Features of buy bonus games

Depending on the bonus feature you purchase:

  • As a separate round, there is a bonus game
  • The most popular round is the free spins round
  • Free spins can be accompanied by a multiplier
  • Some combination of three of them (here we are only limited by the imagination of slot producers).

Depending on your options:

  • There is only one option available
  • A player can choose between different types of free spins (for instance, you can choose how many free spins you want: 8, 10 or 12. The price will differ accordingly).

The price of the bonus game is as follows:

  • As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay x50-x100 times for a bonus game
  • Secondly, extremely volatile offers (such as x750 in Deadwood slot, for example).

Bonus games: should players buy them?

Please be reminded from the beginning that by purchasing a bonus game, we will not be able to overcome the eternal gambling limitation that “the house always wins”. In other words, whether you buy a bonus game or not, you will still lose money in the long run. However, the buy bonus game feature sometimes makes players’ RTP a little bit higher.

Anyway, let’s look at the pros and cons of the buy bonus game so you can make an informed decision.

Bonus game arguments:

  • There is sometimes a bit better RTP than in normal game mode.
  • A fixed-price bonus game ensures that luck does not play a role (though it still does during the bonus game).

Bonus games should not be purchased for the following reasons:

  • In the Buy bonus game, the volatility level is smoothed out (why high volatility is actually good for players).
  • You can easily end up without any significant winnings in a bonus game.
  • There is no doubt that the buy bonus game is more addictive than the regular mode.

Is it possible to buy bonus games in progressive slots

The feature is available in some progressive slots (for example, Dark Vortex). However, buying the bonus game does not affect your chances of triggering the progressive jackpot.

A separate bonus game (during which a progressive jackpot can be hit, as in Mega Moolah) cannot be bought. It is triggered at random.

In conclusion

As software providers receive very positive feedback from players, we will see more and more slots with buy bonus games.

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