Adjustable Paylines Slots

Dark Mystic
Dark Mystic
RTP 96,40%. Medium-high volatility. No Free games
Savannah King
Savannah King
RTP 96,41%. Medium-high volatility. iOS/Android devices compatible
Shaolin’s Tiger
Shaolin’s Tiger
RTP 96,44%. Medium volatility. Absolutely nice graphics
Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg
RTP 96,44%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter, Multiplier
Kawa the Neon Samurai
Kawa the Neon Samurai
RTP 96,46%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter, Double-up
Book of Fruits
Book of Fruits
RTP 96,92%. Medium volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter

Paylines serve as a critical element within the realm of slot games, essentially dictating your victory or defeat based on symbol placement on the reels. The count of paylines in any given online slot can vary significantly, spanning from a solitary line (as seen in some traditional land-based slots) to an impressive 470,596 lines featured in modern megaways slots.

What often escapes the notice of many players is the customization potential embedded within certain slots. In adjustable payline slots, for instance, if a game boasts 20 paylines, you wield the power to set the number within the range of 1 to 20, tailored to your preferences. The beauty of this feature lies in its flexibility – you can alter the paylines as frequently as you desire, as long as the reels remain at rest. This level of control grants players an extra layer of engagement and strategy, making each spin a unique experience.

Adjustable payline slots grant players the manual ability to configure the active paylines to their liking, providing a personalized gaming experience.

On the contrary, fixed payline slots present an unalterable scenario. The number of active paylines in these games is predetermined by the paytable, rendering any modification impossible.

It’s worth noting that the majority of online slots fall into the fixed paylines category, with an estimated 99% or more embracing this approach.

Now, how do adjustable paylines influence critical aspects such as RTP, volatility, hit frequency, and maximum winnings?

These pivotal parameters of online slots are intricately intertwined with the choice of adjustable paylines. The impact varies depending on the specific game. Adjusting paylines can have consequences:

RTP (Return to Player): Tweaking the number of paylines may alter the game’s RTP, potentially affecting the overall odds of winning.

  • Volatility: Adjusting paylines can influence the game’s volatility, making it more or less risky depending on your choices.
  • Hit Frequency: The frequency of winning combinations can change when you customize paylines.
  • Maximum Win: The maximum potential payout can vary based on the number of active paylines.
  • In essence, adjustable paylines inject an element of control into your gaming experience, allowing you to tailor the gameplay to your preferences. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and understand how these adjustments may impact your overall experience and potential outcomes.

Impact of adjustable paylines on RTP

The slot’s RTP remains unaffected by the number of active paylines you choose; it remains constant, regardless of your selection.

Winning hit frequency and adjustable paylines

When playing an online slot with 10 adjustable paylines and a 30% Hit Frequency (with all 10 lines active), it’s important to note that the Win Frequency will rise notably. However, if you reduce the paylines to just 1, the Hit Frequency decreases substantially to 3%, which represents a significant difference in your gameplay.

Volatility impact of adjustable paylines

Much like Hit Frequency, the number of active paylines plays a crucial role in determining the Volatility of a slot. When you reduce the active paylines, the volatility increases.

The impact of adjustable paylines on maximum possible wins

Enabling a greater number of paylines expands the potential for the maximum achievable prize. With all paylines contributing to potential winnings, the more you activate, the higher your potential earnings can be. The adjustable paylines function significantly influences this aspect as well.

Slots with adjustable paylines: pros and cons

Here are the advantages:

  • Versatile Betting: You can tailor betting mechanics to your liking, adding an extra layer of excitement and significantly altering gameplay.
  • Trusted Provider: Playtech, a reputable software provider, ensures fair play with rigorous RNG testing by independent laboratories, offering a wide array of their products.
  • Volatility Control: Adjustable paylines allow you to manipulate the game’s volatility, giving you control over your risk-reward balance.
  • Potential for Big Wins: Embracing increased volatility can lead to substantial wins even with smaller investments.

On the flip side, there are some drawbacks:

  • Limited Paylines: The slot offers only 40 paylines, limiting your options.
  • Win Predictability: Predicting your winnings can be challenging at times due to the flexible payline system.
  • Limited Selection: The market lacks variety, with few options available, and existing ones may be outdated.

Slots with fixed paylines: pros and cons

Here are the advantages:

  • Simplified Betting: No complex settings needed; just set your total bet and you’re good to go.
  • Mega Megaways: Fixed paylines allow for the possibility of massive Megaways slots with 470,596 paylines.
  • Increased Max Wins: In general, total maximum wins tend to be slightly higher in fixed payline slots.
  • Abundant Choices: Finding enjoyable slots is easy since there’s a wide selection of fixed payline slots available.

On the downside:

  • Limited Bet Flexibility: Betting mechanics lack flexibility, restricting your wagering options.
  • Complexity with Many Paylines: Determining the ideal bet per line can be challenging when dealing with slots featuring more than 1,024 paylines.


The presence of this feature doesn’t inherently impact a slot’s profitability, making it a matter of personal preference. If you wish to intensify the slot’s volatility, thereby reducing its Hit frequency, then opting for adjustable paylines can be a strategic choice. This decision allows for a more calculated approach to gameplay, appealing to those who enjoy higher risk and reward scenarios.

Beyond this, the disparity between adjustable and fixed paylines slots is generally minimal. Both offer distinct advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on your gaming style and preferences.

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