Double-Up Slots

Very Hot 5
Very Hot 5
RTP 96,40%. Medium-low volatility. Mobile/tablet compatible
Savannah King
Savannah King
RTP 96,41%. Medium-high volatility. iOS/Android devices compatible
Giza Infinity Reels
Giza Infinity Reels
RTP 96,45%. High volatility. Really good graphics
RTP 96,45%. Medium volatility. Small top available win (x1000)
Kawa the Neon Samurai
Kawa the Neon Samurai
RTP 96,46%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter, Double-up
Joker Megaways
Joker Megaways
RTP 96,56%. High volatility. Buy bonus, Megaways, Double-up
Book of Adventure Super Stake Edition
Book of Adventure Super Stake Edition
RTP 96,68%. High volatility. Be prepared for high variance

The Double-up feature (sometimes referred to as “gamble”, “risk” or similar terms) has no effect on the RTP (Return to Player %) or casino benefit in online slots. In this respect, it is virtually neutral and does not change the probability of winning.

However, it is worth noting that the doubling feature can significantly increase the volatility level of a given online slot.

What is the Double-up feature in online slots?

The double-up feature may have different names depending on the online slots manufacturer. It can also be called “gamble” or “risk game”, but its essence remains the same.

No matter what it is called, the Double-up feature has the following characteristics:

  • It is only available after a win in an online slot
  • Provides a limited number of outcome options: you can double your winnings (in some cases quadruple them) or lose.

Let’s look at each of these characteristics in more detail.

Every time you win in an online slot with the Double-up feature, you are given the choice of taking your winnings and continuing to play as normal or taking a risk to double (or quadruple) your winnings.

If you get lucky and double your winnings, the slot again gives you the choice of taking your doubled winnings or risking it again, and so on.

It’s important to note that some online slots only allow you to double your winnings earned on active lines, while others allow you to double your winnings in bonus rounds and free spins as well.

The Double-up feature serves as a supplement to the main game and provides the player with the following options:

  • Doubling the initial winnings
  • Increase the initial winnings four times
  • Losing the initial winnings.
  • Taking the initial winnings and continuing the game in the normal mode.

When can the Double-up feature be unfavorable for online casino players?

Regardless of whether you decide to use the Double-up feature, the RTP (Return to Player %) of an online slot remains constant.

Another important characteristic of a video slot is the level of volatility, which under certain conditions the Double-up feature can significantly increase.

For a better understanding, let’s look at two examples:

You place a $1 bet and win the same amount (your balance is, say, $30). In this case, you only risk this $1 if you decide to use the Double-up feature. In terms of volatility, this has no significant impact on your balance. Luck or bad luck in this case does not affect your financial situation much.

The situation is similar to the first example, but now you have won not $1, but $200. If you decide to double your winnings, you risk those $200. In fact, this is equivalent to if you had placed a $200 bet. Using the Double-up feature in such a case, especially on a regular basis, can significantly increase the volatility level of online slots.

How to use the “Risk” (Gamble) in slot games

In some slot games, in addition to the standard wins that are achieved when three or more of the same symbols appear, an additional feature called Risk, Gamble, or sometimes Double is provided. So what makes this feature different and why does it remain little known? The answer is simple: the Risk feature gives you the chance to double your winnings after a successful spin. This is a great opportunity to maximize your prize. However, it should be remembered that this feature carries certain risks. The way it works is that you have to guess the color of the next card or choose a card that is older than the one shown on the screen. A correct choice doubles your winnings, but a wrong choice means you lose all your winnings.

Many players get so addicted to this feature that they risk their money after each successful spin. Therefore, it is important not to abuse this option and use it carefully and in moderation. Suppose you have started a game that has the Gamble feature. You make a spin, and if it is a winning spin, you press the double button. Then cards (or even other items, depending on the slot) will appear in front of you. One card will be hidden and the rest will be revealed. You need to choose the card that is older than the one already visible.

If your choice is correct, your winnings are doubled. This can be continued endlessly, but experience says that it is better not to use this feature too often. It is better to use it for doubling small winnings and beware when it comes to large sums. This way, you can reduce your risks and manage your bankroll wisely.

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