Cascading Reels Slots

Pop Rocks
Pop Rocks
RTP 96,4%. High volatility. Good top available win x72188!
123 Boom!
123 Boom!
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Incredible top available win (x14827)
RTP 96,40%. High volatility. Not beginners friendly gaming process
Shamrock Holmes Megaways
Shamrock Holmes Megaways
RTP 96,44%. High volatility. Revealed winning hit rate (35.34%)
RTP 96,46%. High volatility. Winning hit rate is 19.92%
Super Boost
Super Boost
RTP 96,46%. High volatility. Impressive top win (x200000)
Temple of Treasure Megaways
Temple of Treasure Megaways
RTP 96,46%. High volatility. Bonus game, Free spins, Wild, Scatter
Survivor Megaways
Survivor Megaways
RTP 96,47%. High volatility. Perfect class graphics
Alive! Megaways
Alive! Megaways
RTP 96,47%. High volatility. Free spins, Wild, Scatter, Multiplier, Buy bonus
Royal Mint Megaways
Royal Mint Megaways
RTP 96,48%. High volatility. Good top available win x41300!
Buffalo Rising Megaways
Buffalo Rising Megaways
RTP 96,50%. Medium volatility. Buy bonus feature

In terms of their meaning, cascading, avalanche, swooping, tumbling, collapsing, rolling, and falling reels are all the same. Due to possible copyright issues, software providers may call this feature differently, causing confusion among slot players.

If you manage to get a win on one of your paylines in a game with cascading reels, the winning symbols will be removed and replaced by new ones that fall from the top of the screen. This creates an eye-catching animation which may lead to additional wins. For players, this feature is all about increasing their chances of getting multiple wins per spin.

As soon as the newly cascaded symbols produce a new win per line, they will disappear, and their place will be taken by a new batch of cascading reels.

Even a small winning can be transformed into something much bigger with cascading reels.

How the Cascading reels feature works

In summary, the Cascading reels feature consists of:

  • To trigger the cascading reels feature, you must hit at least one win per line.
  • This empty space on the reels will be taken up by new symbols that are going to fall from the top. Tetris games use the same gameplay mechanics.
  • When the new symbols have fallen down and replaced the disappeared ones, the slot machine will check if there is any new win per line. If there is, the slot machine will blast the winning combination symbols repeatedly, until there is no more win per line left.
  • The best part about cascading reels is that even a small win per line could result in a big win since they can go on and on. Furthermore, the coolest thing about cascading reels is that a player only pays once (at the start of the spin), but may get a lot more chances to win.

Multipliers and cascading reels

When cascading reels are used, the winnings are multiplied. In other words, a slot does not multiply base game winnings, but only if the reels happen to cascade, it does multiply the winnings by some value (usually not too high, a x2-x3 multiplier is usually expected).

The difference between tumbling reels and cascading reels

Players’ attention is attracted to providers in different ways. It can be through simple marketing or by adding some unique features. One such feature is an option called Cascading reels. It’s also known as Avalanche reels or Tumbling reels. The names are different, but the option is the same, and more often than not, they mean the same thing.

Cascading reels offer a unique gaming experience, being triggered every time a winning combination appears on the reels. The symbols making up the successful chain then disappear, replaced by new ones which can lead to more victories – in theory. This feature is part of over 100 slots, you can find it within various types of games; from classic 5 reel slots with 3 or 4 rows to modern Megaways titles.

Slots with cascading reels types

Cascades can occur as many times as:

  • In most online slots with cascading reels, you can do this an unlimited number of times.
  • There can only be one cascade per spin.

During the cascading round, the following symbols are allowed:

  • The cascading round may feature some symbols exclusively (for example, additional Scatter symbols)
  • Symbols appear exactly the same as during the base game round during the cascading round
  • During the cascading round, wilds and scatters may be excluded.

Cascading (tumbling) reels slots: how to play

To start playing Tumbling reels slots, you don’t have to be a slot expert. It’s simple to get going: all you need to do is pick one game and the immersive atmosphere of it will be at your fingertips. I’ll go over the rules, so you know what to expect when playing. Before you is a grid made up of reels and rows, with various symbols displayed on them. When spinning, the reels will rotate – once they have stopped, the symbols should form combinations on paylines or adjacent reels in order for the Cascading feature to activate.

In most cases, you will find the controls underneath the playing area. These are the buttons that allow you to adjust your stake, choose how many active paylines to have or change your sound settings. The majority of slots offer an Autoplay feature. All you need to do is select how many spins you want and the machine will take care of the rest – spinning reels for each bet placed. To find out what combinations award the highest prize, simply take a look at Paytable. As for Tumbling reels slots, specifics such as stake size and maximum winnings can vary greatly – so it’s best to check out Max Bet in the game in order to get an idea of what is available and then view Paytable if you wish to see which winning combos can earn you more.

Playing cascading (tumbling) reels slots and winning

It is possible to win at any slot, although it may not be on a regular basis. To improve your odds, ensure that the RTP for the slots you play is 96% or higher. This will give you an advantage when it comes to potential returns, and reduce the chances of completely losing funds without knowing what can be won. Additionally, consider which volatility level would work best for your playing style; this decision is essential in improving your overall gaming experience.

Other than that, I always recommend having a 100 wager reserve in your balance. If you lose all 100 bets, you should switch to another game. Keep in mind, that you have to stick to bankroll management. Do not gamble all your money on one game. Set a rule, if you lose 2-5% today, stop and come back tomorrow. When you hit a big multiplier, you should withdraw your winnings as soon as possible.

The pros and cons

The pros are:

  • Enhances the gaming experience
  • A second chance to win big.

The cons are:

  • Due to the fact that additional spin winnings must come from somewhere, volatility is higher than average
  • As a result of higher volatility, there is a lower hit frequency.

In conclusion

Online slots with cascading reels are very cool as they add a lot of fun to the game. However, cascading reels do not improve or decrease online slots’ RTP (how much they pay), so please keep that in mind. Cascading reels are all about making the gaming experience more compelling for players, not more lucrative.

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