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Volcano Riches
Volcano Riches
RTP 96,44%. Medium-high volatility. Small maximum available win (x1254)
RTP 96,45%. Medium volatility. Small top available win (x1000)

Normally, slot symbols must form a pattern called a payline in order to get you a winning per line. Furthermore, paying symbols must appear in a certain order on the reels to qualify for a payout. In nine out of ten cases, they have to appear from the leftmost to the rightmost to qualify.

As an alternative, the “Win Both Ways” attribute dispenses with the conventional “leftmost to rightmost” principle, enabling you to secure winnings on each payline from both directions.

The Win both ways feature in more detail

Firstly, let’s take a look at how the Win both ways feature works (thanks to Yggdrasil for illustrating the feature).

Win both ways is a rather straightforward feature, and there isn’t much to say about it, except that winnings can be accumulated in any order (from the leftmost to the rightmost or from the rightmost to the leftmost). Its uniqueness, however, is its following:

It is more fun to play since you can now win from an unexpected pattern.

It used to be fairly common in some land-based casinos, to attract players with the “pays twice as much” slogan, which is absolute bullshit.

Certain slot games implement the “Win Both Ways” concept selectively, restricting its application to specific scenarios. As an illustration, Bonus symbols might create a payline arrangement in any sequence, while other paylines adhere to the traditional left-to-right winning direction.

The symbols in some slots, such as Nicola Tesla’s incredible machine, pay from leftmost to right only during base game play, but both ways during free spins.

Win both ways affects RTP, Volatility, and Winning Hit Frequency

Impact of win both ways on RTP

This feature has no correlation or causal relationship with RTP (contrary to what some shady websites claim). As a result, there are many products on the market with both high and low RTPs.

Volatility is impacted by wins both ways

Similarly, you can find Win both ways slots with full spectrum of volatility levels.

The impact of winning both ways on the frequency of winning hits

Despite the fact that this is a less obvious point, the Win both ways feature does not affect the frequency of Winning hits. It may seem that Win both ways should pay twice more frequently since they pay both ways, but it is a misunderstanding that is very widespread. Because software providers keep this moment in mind and adjust the frequency of winning hits so that it remains about the same as it is on average (which is about 20-30%).

Software providers with Win both ways slots in their portfolios

The criteria I used to pick the best ones were as follows: decent RTP on average, nice looking modern games and their RTP was properly tested by third parties. These are the winners:

  • Netent is the first.
  • The second is microgaming.
  • The Yggdrasil tree.
  • The blueprint.
  • The Thunderkick.

Other questions you may have

For the majority of Win Both Ways slots, the option to modify the number of paylines is unavailable. This assertion holds true for online slots as a whole..

This rule does not apply to scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are different beasts, and their main advantage is that they can appear anywhere on the reels (which is why they are called scatters).

I estimate that around 10% of online slots come with the Win both ways feature, so it is not widespread.

If now there are twice as many chances to win, does it mean Win both ways slots pay better? In general, Win both ways slots pay out 96-97% RTP, which is the average in the gambling industry. In other words, “the house always wins” when it comes to Win both ways games.

In which order does a particular video slot pay out? This aspect of the game is always covered in the “info” section, which every slot game has. Just click on the “i” icon and scroll down a few pages if necessary.

Win Both Ways Slots: How to Play

Before you play Win Both Ways, consider placing real money bets. This provides a heightened level of excitement that the free version doesn’t offer, so don’t miss out! When selecting your wager size, higher amounts may be necessary for this type of video slot. Before you begin, use the “Bet” or “Stake” button to adjust your bet size. Some versions have a “Max Bet” button which allows risk-takers to bet the maximum amount. Your bet should also take into consideration the volatility of the game – high volatility means larger wins over time, whereas low volatility suggests more frequent winnings at smaller amounts.

For those acquainted with the Autoplay function, it prompts you to automatically spin the reels based on your chosen number of rotations. However, please note that if you alter your bet size after each spin, this mode becomes unavailable. Should you desire to spin the reels for a specific count while maintaining a consistent bet, do make use of this mode. It enables you to observe the outcome of each spin while the mode remains active, allowing you to entrust your funds to the Random Number Generator (RNG) and your luck.

Win Both Ways slots: How to win

Earning payouts in slots employing this mechanism is as straightforward as it is in traditional slots. Merely initiate the reels’ spin and keep an eye out for recurring symbols that align across three successive reels. However, instead of originating solely from the first and third reels, these symbols must consecutively appear across both the first and fifth reels. This dual requirement heightens your winning prospects twofold! It’s essential to acknowledge that specific symbols like Wilds and Scatters hold considerable profit potential and can even unlock supplementary functionalities such as Free Spins, Bonus Games, Multipliers, and Free Spins multipliers. In certain games, these features offer a notably higher RTP compared to others. For instance, the Risk feature can reach up to 97% RTP, Bonus Game at 96%, and the Buy Feature’s rate hinges on your purchase price. Always consult the paytable for comprehensive insights when selecting a new game.

If you’re a experienced online slot player, you may be surprised to hear that there’s no way of predicting the outcome of the spins. While it’s not possible to get your chances close to 50%, some tips can help your games go smoother. Firstly, approach the game as entertainment and don’t put all your money into a slot which has consistently rare payouts. Secondly, select a machine that’s within your capabilities and monitor its payout rate. Finally, make sure you enjoy yourself and take it easy!

In conclusion

In conclusion, the Win Both Ways feature serves primarily to enhance the variety of the gambling experience, offering a novel twist. However, it’s important to note that this feature alone doesn’t ensure long-term profitability in online gambling. Beware of unscrupulous casinos that might mislead you with false claims.

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