The intelligently integrated options for customizable coin value and bet level (coins per line) have been ingeniously designed to empower players with the capability to precisely adjust the spin cost for every round within the online casino slot game. This strategic inclusion enhances the overall gaming experience, providing players with greater control over their wagers and potential outcomes.

We explore the following key topics in this comprehensive article about casino slot mechanics:

  • Find out how frequently video slot games feature coin value and bet level functionality.
  • Understand coin value and its significance in video slots by deciphering coin value.
  • The Bet Level (Coins per Line): Learn about the nuances of bet levelthe parameter that determines how many coins are wagered per line.
  • Assess the potential disparities and distinctions between coin value and bet level attributes, clarifying their roles in gameplay.
  • Discover the rationale behind the bet level (number of coins per line) option, as well as its practical significance in video slots.

What is the prevalence of coin value and bet level features?

In an online slotcoin value and bet level options are determined by the game’s software provider.

In my recollection, I cannot bring to mind a solitary online slot that excludes the presence of a “coin value” option. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that not all gambling software providers extend this particular choice to their users.

Among these providers, the name of Netent emerges with distinction, offering its users the capacity to manipulate the magnitude of their bet level (the number of coins per line). Similarly, entities like PlayNgo have integrated a comparable function. Nonetheless, the ubiquity of this feature is not guaranteed across the board.

In the context of video slots, what does the term “coin value” mean?

With online slotsthe coin value determines the monetary amount wagered on each payline, translating directly into real money.

As a practical illustration, let’s consider the following scenario: A visual representation displays a coin value of 0.01 euro. When applied to the Creature from the Black Lagoon slot, featuring 20 paylines, the spin cost is calculated by multiplying 0.01 (coin value) with 20 (paylines), resulting in a total of 0.20 euro. This amount represents the minimum wager that can be initiated.


There are instances when inexperienced players of online casinos fail to grasp the correlation between coin value and the overall spin cost.

It’s essential to realize that, although the ultimate spin cost is invariably affected by the chosen coin value, these two aspects should be distinguished as separate factors.

In addition to the variability of paylines across different slotsthe coin value itself can also vary.

In the particular slot being assessed, the coin value spans from 0.01 to 0.50 euros. Nonetheless, specific predetermined intervals must be adhered to, thus fractional values like 0.37 euros are not accepted. Coin value settings in the Creature from the Black Lagoon slot conform to the standard practice employed by other software developers, featuring increments of 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, and 0.50 euros.

In video slotswhat is the bet level (number of coins per line)?

Within the realm of casinos, the notion of “Bet level,” alternatively referred to as the “number of coins per line,” has been conceived to bestow players with an enhanced command over spin expenditures. Personally, I find the term “number of coins per line” to be a more encompassing descriptor of the concept.

In our exploration of coin value, a subject previously dissected, we delved into the methodology of assigning the monetary value designated for each individual pay-line. Now, with the incorporation of the bet level adjustment feature, players are equipped to precisely determine the quantity of coins allocated to each pay line, all aligned with their individual preferences.

An exemplar showcasing the utilization of this feature is as follows:


Within the Creature from the Black Lagoon video slot, participants can fine-tune the bet level within the range of 1 to 10 coins, with each incremental step raising the bet level by one coin. This grants players the option to select a bet level of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 coins per line.

For a more vivid illustration, let’s delve into a hypothetical scenario. When considering a game characterized by a coin value of 0.01 euros, a bet level of 2 coins, and the activation of 20 paylines, the resultant spin cost manifests as follows: 0.01 (coin value) multiplied by 2 (bet level) multiplied by 20 (paylines), culminating in a total of 0.40 euros. Consequently, the wager per line has been calibrated to 0.02 euros.

The convergence of coin value and bet level empowers players to tailor their strategic inclinations.

What is the difference between coin value and bet level?

Players possess the means to arrive at well-informed choices regarding the expense of a spin within a video slot game by assessing both the coin value and the quantity of coins allocated per line (bet level).

If you want to play online slots with a total spin cost of 4 euros, there are two routes through which you can achieve this goal:

  • Assuming the coin value is 0.20 euros, the bet level is 1and there are 20 pay-lines active: 0.20 (coin valuemultiplied by 1 (bet level or coins per linemultiplied by 20 (paylinesequals 4 euros.


  • Another viable option involves modifying the coin value to 0.10 euros, setting the bet level or coins per line to 2, while maintaining the activation of 20 pay-lines: Calculations show that 0.10 (coin value) multiplied by 2 (bet level or coins per line) multiplied by 20 (pay-lines) results in a total of 4 euros.


Both routes yield the same outcome: a payment of 0.20 euros per line and a total spin cost of 4 euros. Winnings will be calculated based on this parameter. In essence, the manner in which 0.20 euros per line is wagered does not affect video slot volatility, RTP % (return to player), or any other pertinent factor.

What is the purpose of the level (number of coins per line) option?

The aforementioned details raise a legitimate question. Coin value and bet level are similar, but they are not the same.

As you may have observed, the bet level stands out as a more adaptable parameter, allowing us to set the number of coins per line without any gaps (with all whole numbers between 1 and 10 at our disposal). The “coin value” parameter, on the other hand, presents substantial gaps between the available numerical options for adjustment (between 0.20 and 0.50).

What happens when we need to be flexible? Consider the scenario where we want to charge 0.80 euros for a spin. As we lack the option to set the coin value at 0.04 euros (only 0.02 and 0.05 options are available, resulting in a spin cost of either 0.40 or 1 euro), manipulating the coin value alone won’t yield the desired result.

This is where the bet level feature becomes exceptionally practical. Simply set 0.01 (coin value) multiplied by 4 (bet level or coins per line) multiplied by 20 (paylines) for 0.80 euros. By simply reducing the bet level by one point to 3, the spectrum of spin costs now encompasses not only 0.80 euros, but also 0.60 euros.

In conclusion

Based on my personal encounters, I have developed a genuine fondness for the bet level attribute due to its notable advantages. I trust that you have amassed a thorough comprehension of the mechanics underlying this system. Notably, NetEnt, a preeminent figure in the realm of gambling software development, grasps the significance of this option. Their extensive expertise in this arena further highlights the critical nature of this feature.

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