Every gambling supporter who has visited gambling establishments expects to win large sums of money. It is desirable that it should be a big win. However, every gambler should keep in mind and not forget that getting big payouts from a casino can be life-changing.

In this case, there may be a lot of problems, especially with your own safety. Just in case, it is worth heeding a few tips from security professionals.

Ensuring your own protection after receiving a large amount of winnings

It is not uncommon for casino players to win large sums, numbering in the seven figures. Most recently, a lucky online casino player in Moldova. He was so lucky that he won more than 5.9 million dollars at a time.

Here are a few examples of insiders in matters of professional gamblers’ own safety, which are as follows:

– When winning a large amount of money, it is worth asking for a check instead of cash.

– If the winner is staying at a gambling establishment hotel, it is better to keep the winnings in a safe or in a safe deposit box with the cashier.

– Placing the winnings in the financial institution should be as soon as possible.

– Winning the jackpot allows you to take advantage of security offers from the casino, which are usually part of the guarantees.

Worth paying attention to your surroundings

Analysts say that winners should keep an eye on their own surroundings after winning a large sum of money. And attention needs to be paid to it not only at the gambling sites, but also in other places, such as the gambling hall, the casino garage and on the way home.

According to former FBI agent and police officer Barry, who has held senior security management positions at major companies (Tropicana Entertainment, Harrah’s Entertainment, among others):

“There have been several home burglaries in casinos across the country in the last few years that have resulted in serious injuries and deaths to patrons.”

Derk Boss, head of DJ Boss Associates in Las Vegas, who does security consulting, echoed Barry’s sentiments. He stresses that winners need to be especially mindful of those who pay particular attention to them, behave suspiciously, pry personal information, and try to engage in conversations.

If there are any suspicions, it is necessary to report them immediately to the staff of the gambling establishment, which will take measures to check the signal and ensure the safety of the player.

Don’t make your winnings public

The desire of gambling institutions to increase their own ratings lead to the publication of photos or other information in social networks about winning their walls jackpot. This all leads to the attention of fraudsters and criminals.

The protection of players who have won sizable sums of money at casinos is the responsibility of the casinos. The gaming business might request that the security team record a video of the security guard accompanying the winner. The casino must also keep track of any suspicious events that may have occurred while the winner and his or her security guard were traveling.

The visitor’s car should be observed by casino staff members until they leave the property. All of the automobiles in back of the vehicle had their license plates collected.

In order to minimize the risks, the security guards can inform the winnings holders about the available security measures, in particular, what requires special attention and how to protect themselves.

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