Is it possible to win in the casino? A detailed guide on how to get profit from bonuses

Can one win in the casino? It’s not possible because all games are set to have a mathematical advantage in favor of the casino. However, you can make a profit in a different way by using the bonus offers from the casino and reaping the maximum benefit from them.



  1. The casino must be licensed and reliable. Such a casino will always pay you if you have not violated the user agreement. Bonus laundering is not a violation of rules!
  2. A bonus offer that is mathematically beneficial for the player.
  3. A sufficient supply of time.


So, let’s analyze all types of bonuses from online casinos in details.

  • First deposit bonus. Such bonus is always subject to wager * and usually ranges from 50% to 200%.
  • Secondary deposit bonus. It’s the same thing as the first deposit bonus, but to some extent is proportional to the deposit amount. As a rule, it has a higher wager *.
  • Free spins. Free spins in a particular slot or in slots of a particular provider. Casinos often give free spins as a supplement to the first deposit bonus, or as additional stimulation for the players who are already registered. The number of free spins varies, and the value of free spins is usually equal to the minimal bet in a particular slot. The payoff is also usually taxed by the wager, and the wager can be very low, up to 1x.

* Wager – the number of bets required to withdraw the bonus amount. Typically, the casino also sets the amount of the minimum and maximum bets for wagering turnover.



How to benefit from bonuses? Let’s analyze the theory. We will take the example with free spins, although the same mathematical calculation algorithm can be applied to launder other bonuses.

Say, you’ve got 20 free spins. The minimum bet in the slot in where you can spend free spins is $2. Accordingly, the nominal value of this bonus is $40. But as truly experienced bonus-hunters we will calculate the real mathematical value of this bonus.

The calculation is very simple. Since we received not $40, but 20 free spins, we need to launder the bonus. First of all, we should find out the mathematical return of the slot where free spins are used. Typically, this information is included in the slot description, however, this value (with a more exact correspondence to real numbers) can be found on special websites. Besides, the return of the slot can be calculated on your own: you can play using conditional money and fixing the results (this method is not applicable to all providers). Say, the return on the slot is 98%. Accordingly, we multiply the nominal bonus amount by the percentage of slot return by a simple formula A * B, where A is the nominal bonus amount, and B is the percentage of the slot return in a decimal expression:


20 * 0.98 = 19.6 USD


According to the calculation, we will get $19.6 after scrolling free spins. But that’s not all. We still cannot withdraw this money, because the casino has certain requirements to the wager, so we must launder this money. Here, we multiply the received amount by the percentage of return on the slot multiplied by the wager of the bonus. For example, the free spins wager is 5. Then the formula will look like C * ((B * E) / E), where C is the bonus amount limited by the wager, B is the percentage of the slot return in decimal, and E is the wagering requirement. For example, there’s x5 wager for the offer. Then the formula is the following:


19.6 * ((0.98 * 5) / 5) = 19.6 * 0.98 = 19.208 USD


Thus, we calculate the REAL mathematical expectation of the proposed bonus in the form of free spins. In this example, we got a positive value and our average win will be $19.2. If the value is negative, do not waste your time on such bonus.

You should understand that this is only a mathematical calculation. In reality, the numbers will always be different, but we will always know that we have a mathematical advantage, and will make a profit despite the dispersion.

When it comes to deposit bonuses, the same mechanisms apply. For example, we made a deposit that equals $100 and received a bonus of 100% with a wager of 35. Thus, we have $200 in the account, half of which are bonus dollars. How do we make a profit?

Let’s calculate. If a slot has a 98% return, then an average loss of our bonus amount is 2% per one spin.  Thus, in accordance with the theory of probability, having made bets on $100 rubles, we will have $98 left. Of course, this amount will always be different, either higher or lower, but we are talking about pure mathematical expectations.

So, one spin using the bonus amount makes us lose $2. And the wagering requirement is x35. Therefore, using our bonus 35 times (and, accordingly, fulfilling the requirements of the wager), we will lose $70 ($2 x 35).

Such a bonus is beneficial to us. We get a $100 bonus, and when it is laundered, our average loss is $70. If the amount of loses during bonus laundering is less than the bonus amount, this bonus has a positive mathematical expectation for the player.

If you get a negative value in your calculations, such bonus would not be beneficial. For example, an x60 wager would make the bonus not profitable.

Why do casinos provide bonuses and how do they deal with bonus hunters?

The competition in the online casino market is so high that market players are forced to offer bonuses and other promotions. That’s how they attract customers.

To minimize losses from bonus hunting, casinos set wagers and limit the choice of games where the bonus can be laundered. In such case, casinos choose either slots with lower returns, or highly dispersive slots, where most players won’t have time to make a spin corresponding to the wager, waiting for the coincidence of the values ​​of mathematical expectation and the real result.



This is the most important tip for a novice bonus hunter. First, you need the information about the bonus in order to wager it correctly. Secondly, casinos often limit the minimum and maximum bets during wagering. As a rule, this leads to the violation of the betting limits, so the casino might cancel both the bonus and the entire winnings.

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