Marking a debut of distinction, the Bell Tower on 34th unfurls its curtains to embrace casino-themed revelries and the essence of Las Vegas merriment. This novel endeavor promises to weave an enthralling tapestry for both private soirees and corporate galas. The verve of casino allure merged with the ambiance of Las Vegas resonates uniquely, promising unparalleled moments of jubilation.

Aiming to bestow event hosts with an authentic casino extravaganza, The Bell Tower on 34th’s proficient event artisans embarked on a cross-country journey. This odyssey took them to the hallowed grounds of Las Vegas, and other renowned casino enclaves. The mission: to imbue every event with an immersive and enchanting casino-style experience, replete with lively entertainment and lavish decorations, capturing the essence of renowned casinos and resort havens.

In the present moment, the Bell Tower on 34th extends an exclusive invitation to those seeking to host casino soirées, be it private gatherings or corporate affairs, within their remarkable open-air domain, the Waterwall Plaza. This distinct locale has been meticulously curated to offer an opulent backdrop, where a 30-foot cascade graces the scene and the elegant allure of the historic venue’s Mediterranean architecture sets the stage.

Lending a touch of enchantment to every event, the event artisans at the Bell Tower on 34th have masterfully conceived this space to evoke a lavish Vegas-style ambiance, a fusion of extravagance and allure that perfectly complements the essence of a casino gala.

In the eloquent words of Roger Igo, the visionary President and CEO behind The Bell Tower on 34th, “Whether bathed in sunlight or enveloped in the embrace of the night, the majestic 30-foot Waterwall at Bell Tower on 34th is a true spectacle that stirs the soul. An enchanting beauty, its gentle cascade evokes an aura of timeless grandeur that captivates all who behold it.

For hosts aspiring to orchestrate an unforgettable casino-themed extravaganza within their chosen venue, a world of tailored possibilities awaits with the all-new customizable event packages offered by the illustrious Bell Tower on 34th. This innovative offering empowers hosts to bring their visions to life in a way that’s uniquely their own.

The process unfolds with the expertise of an adept event producer working in tandem with the venue’s in-house technical director, art director, and executive chef. This collaborative journey commences by crafting a comprehensive event concept, one that captures the very essence of the envisioned celebration. This dynamic ensemble then transitions to meticulously devise a budget that intricately reflects the envisioned inclusions, a crystal-clear financial roadmap that presents the host with a spectrum of options, each seamlessly tailored to harmonize with their distinct budget considerations.

Aside from AV, catering and furniture, The Bell Tower on 34th offers new decor and entertainment options as part of its ‘Vegas Houston’ package.

In a detailed insight shared by Roger Igo, he elaborates, “With the expertise of our dedicated staff, we are equipped to seamlessly connect you with professional entertainers of the Vegas caliber, an array of captivating casino games, engaging slot machines, and exhilarating poker tables to cater to every facet of your guests’ gambling desires.” United as a team, we hold unwavering confidence in crafting an experience so remarkable that your attendees might momentarily believe they have stepped into the realms of esteemed establishments like the L’Auberge Casino Resort or the innovative creations of Caesars Entertainment.

To embark upon the journey of discovering the distinctive allure of their Vegas Houston packages, Bell Tower on 34th cordially invites all intrigued hosts to reach out to their dedicated event production team. Unveil a world of possibilities as you explore the essence of these unique offerings that seamlessly blend the vibrancy of Vegas with the elegance of Houston.

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